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A Legacy of Excellence,
A Man of Vision

Tan Sri Dato' Sri Ir. (Dr.) Lim Hock San P.S.M., S.S.A.P., D.S.S.A., J.P.

Besides a builder of homes, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ir. (Dr.) Lim Hock San, J.P. is a
committed community builder for the better of Malaysians and
the nation, be it today or tomorrow. Through the combination of
sheer determination, hard work, personal sacrifices and a
visionary talent, Tan Sri has delivered an enduring legacy of
extraordinary achievements and excellence.

Honorable Mentions of Affiliations

As a philanthropist and an active advocate of social and community works, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Ir. (Dr.) Lim Hock San, J.P. holds the following positions on the organisations below: 

A little progress each day adds up to big results.